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Touch Integration

Touch your world, Touch your life 
Dopoint is focusing on touch screen integration by full lamination process , In 2008 Dopoint has instroduced Touch Full-Lamination Technology from USA with investment of USD700000 .  with advanced technology and professional team , we have win many customer?s satisfication ,  our bubble and defect control is more better than our competitor.

Totally Touch Panel Integration Solution
With our " Rapid Sampling Center" to speed up your product development to enlarge your market . 
From 2.5 to 65 Inch with boning, lamination, and inspection .

Customer Oriented 
Customer Oriented, Dopint is your reliable parter for touch full-lamination .
What is touch full-lamination ? Why is using touch full-lamination ?

Touch Stucture
Which have LCD Module + Touch Screen ,  and Touch must be bonding onto the surface of LCD Module .

Touch Integration type
Semi-Lamination: The Touch have be bonding onto the edge of LCD Module only by adhensive tapes ,  between touch and LCM there are many air . That is traditional semi-lamination.
Full-Lamination: The Touch have be totally bonding onto the front of LCD Module by optical adhensive , there are no any air gap and buble . That is the newest full-lamination technology.

Full-Lamination highlight: Which have make your touch :
anti-refective to sunight readable 
no air between touch and LCD

Dopoint is one of leading distributor for Capacitive Touch , we are professional franchise distributor and value-added partner from many major touch manufacture , and we have value-added touch solution as below too :

Touch Full-Lamination:
It is optical bonding tehcnology from USA , as it is full-lamination without air bubble between LCD and Touch , which allow sunlight readable , rugged Touch .
Application proposal:This is an ideal solution for touch lamination to improve outdoor sunlight viewability .

Sunlight Readable Touch:
Linear Polarizer can maintain the visibility of the display even under the direct sunlight.
Application proposal:This is an ideal solution for the applications which require high visibility under the sunlight, such as car navigations, mobile PC for out door use,etc.

Pvivacy Filter Touch:
Privacy filter only enables the touch screen operator to see the display. It can prevent other people from looking at the information shown in the display.
Application proposal:This is an ideal solution for the applications which require the limited viewing angle to protect the privacy information, such as ATM, patient monitors,etc.

EMI Shielding Touch:
EMI protection can lower the impact of electromagnetic wave/EMI generated from LCD/PCB.
Application proposa:This is an ideal solution for applications which require high reliability and workability such as medical, military, aviations, etc.

UV Protective Touch:
UV protection film can protect the touch screen from UV rays.
Application proposal:This is an ideal solution for the applications used outdoor or semi-outdoor environments. (under the direct sunlight)!
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