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Semiconductor Remanufacturer

Dopoint Electronics is a semiconductor remanufacturer. We specialize in continuing the manufacture of EOL and mature semiconductors. We are a reliable, trustworthy extension of the manufacturing process that takes place during the height of a semiconductor?s production cycle. Because we manufacture a component to the exact specs of the original, there is no doubt as to whether it will work in an existing system. A semiconductor that has been put into production within the Dopoint family of products never goes EOL.

Most importantly, all Dopoint manufacturing is done with complete authorization and support from the original manufacturer, which means you can be assured of parts that are identical in every way to the original - and that?s a 100% guarantee!

By engaging with Dopoint, you will be joining a growing number of companies who have proven to themselves that a Dopoint solution can be the most cost-effective, time-saving, and reliable solution.

Four comprehensive levels of Dopoint Electronics manufacturing capability guarantee that we have the solution for all your end-of-life situations:

1)Dopoint purchases die and wafer from the original manufacturer and continues the manufacture of parts in any package or lead finish required.

2)When a supply of wafer and die is exhausted, Dopoint manufactures wafer and die using the existing tooling supplied by the original manufacturer, then continues to manufacture parts as required.

3)When a supply of wafer and die is exhausted, and the tooling is not available from the original manufacturer, Dopoint re-creates the tooling from existing intellectual property provided by the original manufacturer. Dopoint then manufactures wafer and die, and continues to manufacture parts as required.

4)When other options are not available, Dopoint can re-create a semiconductor using various combinations of intellectual property from the original manufacturer. Even if no IP is available, Dopoint can re-create most parts from the last working sample. With totally re-created intellectual property, Dopoint re-creates the tooling and then continues to manufacture a never-ending supply of components.
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