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Obsolete Management

OMS: Obsolescence Management Solution
What makes Dopoint Electronics to be the most comprehensive end-of-life solution for semiconductors?
We provide our customers with customized, long-term supply and support for the components they need – for as long as they need them .
-----OMS/EOL : End of life
-----OMS/LTS  : Long-Term Supply
-----OMS/LTB : Last Time Buy
-----OMS/DIE  : Die Storage

Every component we handle is authorized by the original manufacturer,100% factory traceable, and 100% guaranteed to conform to the original manufacturer’s specifications.At our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities we conduct incoming and outgoing inspections, and provide bonded storage. 

Our die bank inventory includes the world’s largest supply of silicon wafers … all stored under optimum conditions. In our on-site, comprehensive, test facility, we perform electrical, environmental, and burn-in testing to 100% of the original manufacturer’s specifications.

At Dopoint, our primary goal is to provide the kind of service and programs our customers need to reach their goals. Dopoint can help you plan ahead so you can be sure of a steady supply of 100% guaranteed, authorized components. We can customize our agreements to maximize cost effectiveness as we meet your particular component requirements and allocation schedules.

When you receive an EOL notice from a manufacturer on a critical component, a last-time buy of the components may present some challenges. Adequate funding to make the purchase may not be in place. You may not have the facilities to safely store the components or the personnel available to handle them.

Dopoint  Obsolescence Management Solution can be the answer you’re looking for.  You can use this program when …
1. A critical component reaches end-of-life
2. You may not have funding available for a complete EOL purchase.
3. You may not have storage facilities or procedures in place to safely store the components on a long-term basis

What the Dopoint  Obsolescence Management Solution will do for you :
1)If devices are unavailable from Dopoint inventory, Dopoint will purchase the devices you need from an authorized source of supply.
2)Dopoint will place the devices into bonded inventory, and will release product only to you or those you specify.
3)Dopoint will ship under a predetermined disbursement schedule, which can start immediately, or after a specified period of time.
4)Dopoint will sell the product to you at a predetermined fixed price for the duration of the program.
5)Dopoint will generate a monthly burn-down report that will accurately reflect inventory activity.

The Dopoint  Obsolescence Management Solution gives your company these benefits:
1. Dopoint guarantees a supply of components for the length of the contract.
2. Dopoint works with customers to mitigate costs that result from EOL events.
3. Your cash outlay can be spread over the length of the contract.
4. No purchase order is required at the onset of the event.
5. You do not have to incur overhead or responsibilities for storage facilities.
6. All products and services are 100% guaranteed.

After the EOL or PDN or LTB notices are issued by the supplier , we can do :
1. We can help you cross-verify with the manufacturer for any recommended alternates for their EOLs.
2. Our qualified engineers search for the alternate components from a different supplier, preferably, drop-in or form-fit-function (FFF) replacements.
4. We will performing the LTB (last time buy or life of type buy) if the LTB dates are not passed. Let us know your detail demand forecast , We can help performing last time buy and storage it based on your forecast .
5. We can sourcing the aftermarkets where the purchase cost may increase rapidly or even the production line may have to halt if the inventory runs out.
6. If you still have large vollume demand , We can help to discuss with supplier to re-start up production line .
7. We can help to search open market where the cost may increased .
8. We can buy its die/wafer and perform aftermarket manufacturing .
9. Our engineer cna assit you upgrades or functional equivalents or downgrades. The redesign activity exists here and hence time-consuming.

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